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Hi guys,

A good friend of mine is a car detailer, he has his own business and will travel within reason due to the time it takes to detail a car correctly!!

He does various different types of clean on your vehicle including paint correction, which for those of you who have had the local homebase polish car cleaners near your beloved Peugeot, will have now noticed the swirls in the paintwork.

My friend, Boyd will not only get rid of these marks, but he'll bring your car back to a better condition than when it left the showroom!

Now you must understand he is not a miracle worker, but he's pretty damn as close as you'll get to it!!

He is not your £5 a wash car cleaner, this guy does 'the business' when it comes to your cars bodywork!
He uses only the finest chemicals, applicators, waxes, clays and machinery to carry out his work to THE HIGHEST STANDARD!

He's got a stock of so many of these different chemicals and sealants etc that he can give your car bodywork and wheels, I forgot to mention wheels and tyres, a really good coat of protection for a durable finish for any type of weather, depending on exactly what you want!
He even gets samples to test out from his many suppliers because they know how good his standard of work is, that if he won't use it, then it probably isn't good enough!!!

His stock constantly changes and replenishes so you'll get the best of the best applied to your vehicle!

He will work on anything by the way, he'll detail anything from your nan's Nissan Micra to the Italian supercars owned by the rich and elite. This is another testament to his standard of work that he produces, that people with expensive suoercars come to Boyd for his advice and expertise on what protection to give their car, and time and time again they come back to him!

He uses the most upto date equipment for testing paint thickness and then adjusts his use of chemicals, applicators and polishing pads and cloths accordingly so that no damage occurs to your vehicle!

Here are a couple of testimonials from previous customers of Boyd's:

Robert McGowan - 19-2-2014
Had someone leave a nice smash along the rear bumper/quarter of my Subaru, was recommended BR detailing and took a trip over. Damage is completely gone and my pride and joy is restored to its previous beauty!! So happy with the results, thanks again!! Will definitely pass recommendations on!

Paul Jennings - Ford Focus RS Enhancement Detail 2-3-14
Boyd, it looks totally amazing mate! You did an amazing job. Thanks very much I will be back in 6 months or less for a top up.

Anyway enough of me bigging his company up take a look at his Facebook page and his website and decide for yourself, but if you do decide that your precious pride and joy deserves Boyd's amazing expertise, just give him a ring or leave him a message and he'll get back to you! And just tell him Dan put you in touch!

BR Car Detailing | Breathe New Life Into Your Cars Appearance


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