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I have a peugeot 307 sw 2005 petrol.
i bought a cruise control (without limiter) stick and installed it. there are 4 choices on peugeot planet 2000 menu.
1.) variant A (while driving, no cruise message on board, not working)
2.) variant B (cannot adjust to that option because it returns automatically variant A again)
3.) speed regulation with limiter ( while driving, message on dashboard tripmeter, but not working and an error: 3 stick lights illuminating like this:
4.) limiter without speed regulation (i dont want this because i need speed regulation),

i have the electronical wiring for brake switch: 307 cruise control - Peugeot Trkiye Forumlar - Sayfa 10
in the wiring diagram, there are 4 cable wiring. but on my brake switch, there are 2 cables. anyone has a problem like that?
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