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Can you help, I require the cast alloy bracket, this bracket fits to the rear of the cylinder block with four bolts & dowels. The bracket holds the bearing that supports the o/s driveshaft between the gearbox and road wheel. I am told that this item is no longer supplied, I have tried various breakers, but they are reluctant to supply this bracket as they see it as hassle & only want to supply major components i.e driveshaft & hub assemble, engine / gearbox units. If you cannot help, can you suggest where else I can try?

Bracket part number 324408
Dowel part number ?????

Vehicle Details

Reg No R173 BCR
Peugeot Boxer 350 LWB
Date of reg 18/03/1998
2445cc Diesel (Non Turbo)
Vin No VF3233J5215478104
Engine No FZ730-203353
5 Speed Manual
16" Road wheels

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