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I am trying to rebuild my pug 1.6 HDI 307 90 bhp after the water pump failed and took out the belt. I have had the head tested by and engineering company and apart from two valves they say it is good. so I am now looking to re-assemble. I notice there are lots of pumps out there all saying they are the best. Can any one recommend the best pump and cam belt for this car or should it be a Peugeot original. I really don't want a repeat of what happened this time. even though this pump was an original Peugeot pump and had only done 12,000 miles since the pump and belt was replaced.

Oh and although the chain seems ok I'm not sure if I should change it as it must of taken a bit of extra stress when the valves come into contact with the piston any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance for advice you can offer.

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