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Well, after a dozen cars over the last couple of years I have finally found one I'm happy with, a Pug Partner Combi 2.0 HDi... less than two grand, good condition, but no service history! So, a couple of questions:

1. I'm going to get the cam belt done as don't know if it ever has been! Now at 87,000 - how much would I expect to pay for this in a none Pug garage?

2. It only has one key... where can I get a second cut with chip for immobiliser cheaply? Do I need anything other than the one key I have? I have no secuirty pin or anything.

3. Do these need a radio code if I take the battery off?

4. I'm going to get a full service - coolant, oil, everything - at least once: but what oil should I get them to put in?

Thanks everybody!!

Helga x:lol:
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