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At some point this year I will be changing my car and quite like the look of the 2008 as it sits higher than the usual hatchback to give an elevated driving position. I cover over 18,000 miles per annum as a photographer so I would be looking at the Diesel versions, as according the some sites offer more than 15 - 20mpg more than the petrol versions. Having said that, I could be looking at the petrol version if the MPG is similar.

Having looked at a Renault Captur at the weekend and was put off by the dealer, I must admit I liked the driving position but not the boot space, I will be calling my nearest dealer at the weekend to have a look

My last Peugeot was a 55 plate 307 with the 1.6HDI unit complete with the usual injector seal problem.

I have a couple of questions for now, do the 1.4 & 1.6 hdi units suffer in the same way as the older versions with Injector leaks, or was this purely down to the servicing once they fell out of the warranty period and weren't taken to the dealers.

I did hear there was a modification to the injector mount from 2012, so hopefully this would have solved the issue.

What can I expect in the terms of economy for both the diesel and petrol versions and are there any common problems

Thanks in advance
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