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Hello guys,

I'm looking to buy my first Peugeot. I've been driving VW/AUDI since forever and we are looking for a smaller car (currently driving Passat 2013 DSG wagon) for driving around the city but also as a second car overall.

I've never driven a Peugeot and i don't know how reliable they are. I'm most worried about the automatic gearbox (that's the only option as i don't drive manual). Is it reliable? I know after a while all automatics are prone to breaking down but what i want to know is if they have any known defects like the DSG7 has.

The model i'm looking to buy is from 2008, 1.6 16v with around 140,000km. Looks good optically and drives well, but as i said my main problem is with automatic gearbox. I've been told it's not very reliable.

Any advice is welcome.
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