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I knew my rear engine mount was fubar, because of the way the engine was rocking and the juddering when pulling off etc.
I fitted new Brembo discs and pads a couple of weeks ago, and discovered that despite being only about 18 months old, my drivers side wishbone bushes were shot.
Because I have 18" wheels on, I eat though suspension consumables at a great rate, so I decided to go the poly bush route. I chose Powerflex after doing some reading up. I got a set of the front and rear wishbone bushes.
Fitting them (i LOVE my new hydraulic press) has made the drive a lot tighter, and steering is more responsive, and there is no noticeable firmness in the ride.
I decided while I was doing things, I may as well replace everything. I already had a new rear engine mount that I have not got round to fitting yet, but I bought and fitted the top RH and LH engine mounts yesterday. A surprisingly easy job to do. I cannot describe how knackered they were. I thought it was only the rear mount, but no. Both top mounts were soft and perished. The LH one (how expensive!!!?) was dry of fluid and separating. It flops about under its own weight lol.
It drives a hell of a lot smoother now, despite the rear mount still being shot. I have decided on a Powerflex rear mount now, so waiting for the to come. I am also doing the rear axle bushes with Powerflex as well, as the current bushes are not very good at all.
Because I have already replaced all the shocks and springs with decent new ones, it should drive better than new when all the bushes are replaced.
I finally found some decent LED's for my high beam. Bloody hell they are bright. That means all the bulbs in my car are LED now, and they are far superior to the filament bulbs they replaced.
If anyone is hesitating over bushes and mounts, no matter how good they look, change them. The difference between shot mounts and bushes and new ones (even regular ones rather than poly) is massive.
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