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Love to read the posts on this forum, i'd like to share the following with you:

My current 1.6 16v engine needs replacement... I am planning on buying a GTI 180 from the UK in England in Juli (since Goodwood is postponed and I cannot get a refund for the boat tickets ;'(. and swapping the 177HP EW10J4S for my 110 HP TU5JP4. Including the ECU, BSI, etc. I live in the Netherlands and GTI 180 / RC models are a lot more expensive here.

-Anyone got any tips on websites to find second hand cars in the UK? I am only familiar with Ebay and can't find many GTI 180's on there.
-Anyone got any experience or tips on doing this engine swap, i'd love to hear from you!
-I am wondering if there is any way of changing the units from miles to KM, any advice on how to do that or is there anyone that could help me do it?
-Anyone selling a GTI 180 with a maximum of 100.000miles on it? Previrebly with cruise control.

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The issue is a 206 in the UK is now a throw away car due to there age, once they fail MOT or suffer an expensive failure they just seem to get scrapped & recycled.

A lot of GTI 180 have also suffered as they got older & cheaper at the hands of the youths who bought them & in turn ruined / destroyed them.
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