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So, ive been doing some research into a funny issue i have, previous thread:

2 symptoms

1) Unlocking car door via fob or key makes hazards flash for 30 secs, or until ignition is started. Sometimes it will carry on even with car started

2) If car is already unlocked, and i get back in ( say, after fuel stop), once engine started, hazards will start flashing. I then drive off with them flashing for about 30 secs until they turn off.

Now earlier advice is grounding issue ( very possible). Or im thinking alarm sensor issue, maybe. Could even be a sticky relay!! I haven't got a wiring diagram yet to trace through CCT.

Now looking at BSI reset, i wonder if this may help? Has anyone done it? And more importantly - WHAT COULD GO WRONG DOING BSI RESET!! (Sorry for shouting but i always like to know worse case)

Cheers in advance :thumb:
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