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Has anybody had any problems with the BSI unit on the 307 2.0 HDI.

Recently i have been have been having problems with the rear wiper when i unlock my car, now the engine management light and esp light comes on everytime i start the car. I did do a BSI reset and my car didnt start straight away but did eventually after a few attempts.

I have taken my car to a mechanic who found a few faults of the diagnostic reader but said it is queot possible it could be the BSI unit not communicating with the ECU as this is a common issue on the Peugeot 307, is this correct?

Also, if this is the case, do i need to replace my BSI unit or could it be something else, also what else issues will be raised if it is the BSI unit??

Is there anyone outthere who has had this problem and has managed to fix this??

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