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Hi folks,

In attempt to change the interior lights to led, I may have damaged the BSI. The bulbs on the sun visor were fiddly and think this is where the problem started.

I lost all interior lights, no map reading light and no sun visior lights. After replacing all leds with factory bulbs and bsi reset later, the map reading light is back, the sun visor is back too (although seems low voltage to me).

The courtesy lights dont come on when I lock or unlock the car. When I use the switch the interior light on, it blinks and then goes off.

I have done multiple bsi resets and checked all fuses and they are ok.

I came across few folk on this forum few years ago who had the same issue ( loppo and Sunnyboy) but unable to get hold of them (inbox full or imactive user)

Can someone with the knowledge of BSI give me any pointers?

Also how do you get the bsi out?

I had to take the glove box off to get to the fuses and couldnt decipher how the bsi would come off.

Please advise
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