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OK the front I can manage, the calipers are pretty standard Bosch.
I managed to change the front discs too, after a friend told me how hard to hit them.

Rear calipers off, discs changed, pads slipped in and then the problem - how to retract the rear pistons?
My friend told me that the piston needed to be unwound (anticlockwise) and then there's a stop it clicks over, and then you can wind it back in clockwise.

That was a right pain, without the proper tool.
So I dropped into halfords and bought one (no instructions come with it).
Now after winding the piston in and refitting the caliper over the new pads.
Handbrake works.
BUT the right rear and left front brakes don't, and the pedal goes to the floor.
I assume that I trashed the cylinder undoing the piston past its stop because it went very floppy.

Left rear I just wound the piston back in without undoing it first - which seems to be the correct procedure as the left rear/right front circuit is just working when the pedal reaches the floor.

Am I right, I broke it?

There are no warning lights.
I'll be looking at it tomorrow for fluid leaks, and attempt a bleed on the right rear in case there's air in the circuit.
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