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I just took a "toilet" break to change the brake light switch in my 407.

I changed the switch, easy enough,

However, the new part of the loom, where does this plug into (switch > ? )
I've searched forums and imaged but to no avail.

Plus side, the brake lights now work.

- - -

Now, my technical knowledge on PSA Cars is limited (of this era)
(I've owned BMW's and worked for BMW - completely different cars)

I thought, read, etc that this switch can cause ESP/ABS faults too
(I haven't check the ABS sensors, I will just change all 4 - cheap enough)
Would not changing the loom result in these errors popping up?

James :thumb:

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Automotive connectors have an insertion/disconnection failure rate. Usually after 10-15 times, the connector can fail to hold.

The extension could be for extending the life of the connector.

Or to serve for strain relief on the loom.

Or if the switch is a different design and a bit shorter than the original.

Or an engineer realised the short loom caused a brake light switch failure and redesigned it.
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