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Hello all

This is a post for my dear old dad, cos he's only just entered the 20th century, and can't quite make it to the 21st.

He's got a boxer based camper, with 2l diesel, 05 reg. Sometimes the speedo packs in, and when it does he loses alot of power. This has been happening more and more frequently, and I think is permanent now. I assume its going into limp home mode, brought on by the speedo packing in, but this sounds a bit excessive a precaution for a faulty speedo to me. Any advice would be hugely appreciated, as the next step is to take it to a garage, and I don't trust them buggers as far as I can throw them.

On a bit of a tangent, he tried to reset the service clock, as he services it himself, which didn't work, but that might just be him, but he did end up with a code CFG flashing every three seconds at one point. don't know if this is relavent or not.

Cheers all
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