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Hi all, i have a Boxer 2.2hdi 2004.

In July 2012 it was running really rough so i took it into the garage and they fixed it by replacing a seal in the injector pump pressure valve. They replaced it with a similar seal and cleaned it so the mechanic told me.

July last year i had the same problem, so took it back to the same garage to be fixed. A few days later i got a phone call saying it needed to go to a diesel specialist and it needed a new fuel pump and a full set of injectors and a rough price of £1800.

After doing a little research ive found this is a common problem that the seal going on the pump pressure valve (which i believe is seperate unit to the pump)

Now ive been looking at for an injector pump pressure valve as well as many other sites.

Closest thing i can find which i think is the part i need is this

Bosch Peugeot | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer

Can anyone comfirm this is what my garage call an injector pump pressure valve or is this a new injector pump job ?
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