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Hi o knowledgeable ones,
Appreciate any help in getting correct DS for 95 2.5D, there seems to be a lot of different ones with varying part nos.
Are some interchangeable or do I need the exact one?

Info I already have from previous "vehicle characteristics" I got on this forum:

95 Boxer 320MWB 2.5D, Eng. - DJ5, G/box. - 20 KE04 00223054 (Am I right in thinking this is an ME5TU)
I can find no stampings (unless they are so faint) on the actual G/box in the position indicated in the Russeks manual, only a flat surface casting, or anywhere else on the box.

From what I see online it would appear that the shaft should be 1070 long, 28spline hub, 37 spline diff, no ABS.
The confusing bit is some are quoted ABS, some non ABS and some are listed as suitable for both.
Also SKF are exact size as above but the BOLK ones are 1100 long, are they still ok to use?
I remember seeing somewhere on a forum that slightly longer ones are available which helps with back end heavy motorhomes running with a high front end increasing the angle that the shaft is running at, is this the BOLK ones?

The other thing that is confusing is the reg doc lists the vehicle as a 320MWB but most of the spares sites refer to; 230P or 230L and Bus, Flatbed or Van.
Which variation was used as the base vehicle for Compass M/H builds?


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