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Hi all, new here, hope I can get some opinions.

2013 Boxer 2.2 130BHP Motorhome.

Changed battery as it died over Winter, (did not have ign on while changing) and since then we have ABS/EBD lights and beeps everytime we start it up. Also speedo not working.

It went for MOT 3 weeks back at local Pug dealer, and would have failed due to ABS light, but they somehow cleared the codes and it passed the MOT.

Drove it two miles back home, speedo working, no lights, all OK.

Started it up to check battery a few days ago (about 2 weeks after MOT) and ABS/EBD on again. Told SO to take it for a decent run as it has sat unused since last October.

Speedo not working, ABS light on, and now EML light on and engine not running right, flat spots etc.

Went into Pug dealer today, and told that the ABS ECU is "most likely" faulty, its not getting a speed signal from the ABS. Cost £1335 all in, but it may not solve issue and once fitted we have to pay!!!

It just seems like a no win to pay £1400 and have no g/tee of a fix, although chap seems 99% sure.

Reading around, I just am not so sure about this.

All and any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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