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Hi there first post in the group!

Although i wish it wasn’t needed I purchased my boxer van brand new and shortly in to owner ship it’s been a nightmare!
It developed a dithering steering wheel upon startup , I contacted Struans Peugeot Dundee and wafted 2 and half years they have fitted power steering pump , a rack , it was at this point the steering became dreadful, they then fitted a steering column, dab antenna, recent swap of tyres as apparently it was my cheap ones at fault but it’s still dreadful I am at my whits end I have took to several garages but recently an auto electrician as I am that fed up strait away he brought up several codes, I really feel Peugeot are just stringing me along till warranty is out, it’s spend over 5 weeks in total in garage no courtesy vechile. Not to mention there attitude ! Anyway
Here’s a picture of the fault codes anyone shed any light , the central locking to rear doors been playing up this week too
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