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Hi, New to the forum, have just bought a 2006 boxer 2.2hdi with a few electric problems. First I need to know what relays do what, is there anywhere i can find a wiring diagram that explains them?

the first problem was the rear number plate lights, live wire had earthed out on the door pillar, I ran fresh wires to the bulbs, I checked the feed wires (purple/white and purple/ black and got 12.7 volt reading but when i put the test lamp across them, it glowed for 3 seconds then the live feed stopped (I still had live feed to side lights). Turn the ignition off and wait 10 minutes and the power returns with the same results? as if the relays had reset,

I ran a seperate live and ground from another battery to the number plate lights and it worked fine.

I then ran a live wire from the side lights to the number plate wire and this knocked the power supply to the right side lights as well?

I checked the three red 4 pin relays under the large black relay in the cab fuse box and there was black scorch marks. I checked all the fuses with a multimeter and test lamp and they all worked fine. checked the wires no signs of damage.

I then tried a relay from the fuse box in the engine bay, the same result, when i replaced the relay I can now hear the fuel pump running (or something by the fuel tank) when the ignition is switched off draining the battery overnight, but the relays are all clicking on and off, live feeds are all correct and the grounds work?

any help please,
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