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I've been looking for an electric vehicle for a while now and considered swapping my 4007 for an Outlander PHEV.

Anyway we were in the local dealers a week ago ordering our brand new 3008 SUV when I happened to ask if they had any used iON's in stock, the sales person looked at me like I was mad. "We've never had a used iON in stock" he said.

Another sales person overheard and came over and said he thought they had a demonstrator/run around they had been using that they might consider selling. They didn't have any idea on price so we said we'd come back when they had this information. Got a phone call on Wednesday, details were a bit vague but got told it "owed" them £7k, it had done 8k and was in Silver on an 11 plate.

We went along yesterday and had a look, it was covered in bird crap and sign written so the wife (who it's for) wasn't impressed.

We took it for a test drive and she seemed to be coming around to the idea. The car was easy to drive and pretty nippy when you put your foot down. It sounds like a milk float when going slow :lol:

We went back and I offered £5k and the sales person laughed and with lots of back and forth we agreed on £5400. The only problem was they weren't going to warranty the battery but everything else has a year. Could you imagine buying a used car and the dealer telling you they won't warranty the engine!

We've arranged to pick it up next Thursday and I'll do the 20 mile drive back home.

Can't wait, it really is fun little car to drive I just hope I haven't made a big mistake :confused:
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