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i have just bought a 1.4 2002 and this morning i pulled off lights on fans on full blast and stereo on and everything inside the car ,lights radio etc all went off for around 3 seconds,im sure the main lights outside were on but cant be 100% ,took car to garage they checked battery and alternator and its fine ??

also the light comes on abs (if thats the one with a car and wobbly lines on ) is this much of a problem it goes off when i turn car off

ive noticed that it didnt have any water in when i got it ive filled headder tank up with water but its not a 50/50 mixture which is the easyist way for a dummy to empty radiator and refill (garage told me it is leaking a little oil in corner of gasket common fault but its not that bad he quoted me around £300 for head gasket replacment when/if it goes

thanks for your help
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