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Good evening,

I bought a 2005 307 CC 180 yesterday afternoon and wondered if someone could answer a few questions:

1. The exhaust is quiet noises when accelerating and on a normal car sounds like it’s blowing. It only passed its MOT 30 old miles ago and the person I bought it from told me it was because it’s the 180 version and it’s quite normal that it’s raspy. I’ve previous had a 206 GTI and that was fairly noisy too.

2. Are the folding mirrors easy to problem solve? The mirror moves but it doesn’t fold in unless done manually. Do they have fuses that might have blown?

3. The Peugeot radio unit seems to be awful at picking up stations. Is this quite normal?

4. The air con seems to be intermittent. One minute it will be working fine and the next minute it will just blow out hot. Does this point to to a regas?


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