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Hi there,

I believe the tailgate switch is the same on all 307's regardless of facelift or prior but anyway, the issue I have is when the central locking opens, the tailgate pops open as well & if you close it, it often becomes locks & pressing the actual tailgate switch does diddly-squat. A good bodyshop who repaired some unrelated damage had a look & said a spring was gone & he fashioned a spring & told me to see how it goes as it may well fix it (as it appeared to). It worked fine for a few weeks & is now back to it's old tricks.

My question is:

Is it easy to replace the microswitch entirely? I can see from reading that you undo 2 screws to enable removal of the tailgate fairing, then gently pop it out, then a further 2 torx screws to release the tailgate handle itself. At that point, is it easy to remove the connector from the old switch then replace the switch & then reconnect? Is there anything I need to consider or be aware of?

Many thanks!!

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