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So the boot on my 307 has started playing up. You shut it and hear it lock then it unlocks and obviously central locking then doesn't work. Sometimes slamming it and it will lock or lean on it and the central locking locks and then when you shut the boot again it stays locked.

I've had the lock apart and inside is a microswitch that is triggered by the back of the lock cam. Doesn't look worn, moves OK and it's got grease and doesn't looked gunked up. If I test it on the cable with it out of the boot I can see sometimes when the back of the lock rotates that pushes on the switch there is enough play it doesn't push it far enough in to make the circuit. There's nothing blocking it at the latch on the boot lip.

Doesn't look like there is any adjustment as the switch is bonded onto a post inside the lock assy so only thing I can think of is glue a thin strip of plastic onto the back of the lock to make sure it pushes the switch in far enough or replace it unless anyone else has got a neat trick to sort this


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