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Hi everyone,

I hope someone could help me with my problem.
I have a peugeot 307 year 2003. Last morning I could not open the boot at all, and to make it worse I could not lock my door at all since the car/computer reads as the boot is not closed. So the central locking system refusing to lock the car.
A few days before something similar with this were already happened, but only for like one or twice, and I managed to lock my car afterwards.
Now, since I could not lock the door at all, I disconnect the cable, sensor cable I assume, connecting to the boot. So I could my car could ignore the boot and just manage to lock the four doors.
Do you reckon it is the microswitch? I do hear it clicking when I press the boot. And when I opened the whole boot frame and test the microswitch, it does not stuck, so I assumed the spring is ok. I don't have the guts to buy it and try, because it costs some money here in Australia to buy the microswitch.

I really hope someone could help me, because it is really hard to put in and out my pram when you have to use the emergency boot eject every time.
I would really appreciate any help, and I really thank you for your effort.

Kind regards,

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