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I have a 2013 5008 and the Bluetooth, which was working before, is completely locked. When accessing the Bluetooth menu on the radio, I cannot do anything (search, unpair, consult paired equipment, etc.) nothing, I can just go up and down in the menu but pressing the OK button does not do anything in any function. My phone or wife's phone does not see the Bluetooth (BT_Radio_something) as it used to be.
I have tried disconnecting the radio completely and wait 30s before reconnecting, hold the power button for 30s, hoping that this will reset everything, but no.
I have looked at the fuse diagram in the user manual and the list says that the fuse for Bluetooth is #33, but the diagram only shows 17 fuses in total in the fuse box located in the car (numbered 1-16 + SH) and numbered F1-21 in the battery compartment under the bonnet! So, where are the fuses numbered F29-40 mentioned on the list?? This is simply weird!
Any help appreciated!
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