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I have a 63 reg 208 that I got in November last year with 27000 miles on the clock.

Although I'm both the biggest fan of the touchscreen I managed to easily set up my iphone se to the car and it all worked fine until a couple of months ago. Now it will automatically connect absolutely fine, but then about 15 minutes into my drive a notice comes up about a 'Bluetooth disconnect request'. It gives me no option to refuse this and my phone will be in my bag somewhere not being used. It then drops off and the only way I can re-introduce car and phone is to turn off the engine and start again. Unfortunately however I'm normally on the m25 by this point and I need to be contactable for work!

I've trawled forums and YouTube but can't see a solution short of expensive software things at a peugout dealers, which as a generally broke freelancer I'm keen to avoid!

I'm new to forums, so any help or suggestions would be really appriciated! Thank you.
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