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Hello, sorry if this is wrong place to post feel free to move it but I wanted to just see if anyone knew of any work arounds for this problem.

So I currently have a 308 15 plate and it is great, I got them to update the default SMEG to the newer one and include the map updates etc so thats been good, however one problem I have is that when I select bluetooth as the audio source it correctly comes up with the track that was last playing but it doesnt play it, it lists it as paused but there is no obvious play button, I have tried pressing the volume slider in and out to mute/unmute which wont play it, tried pressing the other slider in and out and the greyed out pause button. I have tried pressing everything I can think of to get it to play but currently nothing has worked other than pulling over and pressing play on the audio app on the android device then it will play fine.

Now I know there are some other threads around this topic which mention auto play as a thing, and apparently if it does not auto play then the device somehow doesnt support it. However I also have a Scenic which I use the same device with and that just works, regardless of if the music was playing or paused or the audio app was even running on the device before, it just starts up the music and plays it. There have been one or two times (out of hundreds) where it has not automatically started it and in those cases I just press the play/pause button and it starts playing again (I think in those cases it may have just been a wonky mp3 file or something).

I know the android device works fine with bluetooth generally as my other car auto plays and can pause/play the audio fine, however in the peugeot touch screen I cannot find any way to play or pause, the closest thing I could find was to mute it which would generally pause any playing audio.

So am I missing something obvious, is there a dedicated play/pause button be it on the touch screen or one of the knobs somewhere? as it is quite irritating setting off on a journey then realising the radio is rubbish and wanting to put on bluetooth but it just refuses to play without you manually pressing play on the device.
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