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Morning All - I have had a read of threads on blue tooth but cannot see a solution.

I have a 2015 308 1.6 blue hdi - I had my S7 connected with no problems for over a year.

Got a new phone this week and for the life of me I cannot get them paired. It keeps telling me that the device/software is not compatible. I have tried 0000 1111 and 1234 as the pass codes. I have also tried only connecting to telephone profile or audio profiles and both at the same time.

Has anyone here successfully paired a samsung S9 + to their car and if so how did you do it ?

Also does this car support mirror link? I see this as an option on the phone but have not tried it yet as the USB cable I had in the car is for old phone and the jack is now different as the S9 is no longer micro usb.

I know the low tech solution is just getting an Aux cable but ideally I would like to get it connected.

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