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Hello everyone I am trying to mod my daughters car to have bluetooth and the USB aux port. I am nearly at the end of my project. I was lucky enough to have access to a scrap peugeot 207 which had everything I needed. However trying to unpick the loom has been a little time consuming hence I had to cut two wires coming out of the bluetooth module.

The wires I cut where green/yellow wire pin number 15 on blue tooth module
the wire has M3484 OR 13484 OR 134B4 OR M34B4 The writing on the wire was not readable for me hence the variations above it is one of those numbers.

The other wire I cut was a pink wire pin number 10 on BT module. \The number on wire reads 3406 & 2041 or 204J.

what I need to know is what do these wires go to ? any one with wiring diagram or workshop Cd might be able to help out?

I managed to locate and find out where the rest of the wires go to except those two are confusing me. I assume the green/Yellow is just a earth wire that needs earthing ?
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