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reynoldspug said:
Could someone help me please its driving me nuts! My blowers have just cut out all fuses are fine and i can still feel heat in vents. ive read on here that it could be that the connections are a bit iffy (fingers crossed). but i dont know where to start first in locating it. it came back on again for a short period which hopefully means the blower motor is ok PLEASE HELP.
They are a pain. I fixed my mates last week with a clean but its gone again now so gonna do a more permanent job this time by taking out the dash completely to get to the loom and solder the loom directly to the resistor. Hopefully that should help it, if not then guess I'll replace the resistor and possibly the loom.

To get to the motor you need to take out the glovebox then its right at the back and you turn it clockwise (hard) to release it then manueovure it out.

Then the part which goes bad is inside right at the back, put your hand far in, then turn the resistor block clockwise to release it and pull it free with the wiring connector. Disconnect the connector and inspect the connections here along with the back of the wires, you should notice some discolourlation on the wires and the connector pin may look quite tarnished. Thats the basic problem
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