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Hello everybody,
I have faced this problem with my Peugeot 406, and I would like to share it with you.
The internal blower suddenly stops working last week, everything looks like normal but the blower stops working. I suspect with the Blower Resistance I went to the dealer and confirm this to me, yes it was the resistance blower. It was replaced by 200$.
I took the old part with me, and open it. Guess what, anyone can fix it :( but too late!!!!! I think this will help you if you face issue like this.

This i how it looks like:
Green Technology Electronics Room Electronic device

This after removing outer case (easy to remove):
Green Transport Mode of transport Commercial vehicle Technology

This what is the problem, it just need small welding at the pointed contacts:
Green Technology Vehicle

Thats it :mad:. I will fix it and keep it if one of my friends needs it in the future.
Hope this information was helpfull for you.

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