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Well after months of no problems the expert van (2003-53) has decided it wants to blow fuel all over the engine again. It is a dw10 8valve engine and it seams that the bleed of return to the fuel filter is not opening the valve in the filter conection and pressurising the return tyo the point that it is blowing the pipe off at the connector block just in front of the fuel rail.
Now dose anyone know how the valve in the filter cap is supposed to open is it just fuel pressure or is it thermostatic or electrically controlled?
All seams to bloming complicated for a simple return system but it's what is there so just need to try and sort it as its a lot of fuel dripping down onto the stsrter motor and no doubt causing more trouble with that if I can't sort this pressurising problem out. :(
Oh forgot to say also when turning it off the engine runs on for a second or 2 before it stops after turning the key off getting worried about this now as it can't be driven in this state any thought from anyone on these issues
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