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Hi all, new poster but long-time reader here, thanks to all of you for saving me time and money over the years. I've done a search but can't find this exact issue here.

I have a 2011 207 Envy (Diesel) with the now-classic water in the fuse box issue.

I've swapped the fuse box out, cleaned the plugs and cleared the error codes, and all seems well... Except that the near-side front indicator and hazard doesn't work. When I indicate, the rear and side indicators go at double speed and the front doesn't come on. The hazards work normally except for the one bulb.

The far-side indicator is fine. Everything else on the headlamp works fine. The bulb is fine. I've had an auto electrician check out the wiring, all fine. I'm properly stumped.

The car has 3 weeks left on an Approved Used/MOT Test Warranty, which might cover this unless the issue is really just from water in the fuse box. In that case I guess I can try my luck writing to Peugeot, seems others on here have had success, although I wouldn't know what to write.

Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

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