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Hi everyone!

New to the forum and hoping you can help me.
I have had the check running light come on the dash as the bulb (or led?) has blown behind the heater control panel.
How do I gain access to change the bulb?

Secondly the afm is throwing a check engine light (p1040 to he more specific)
I have read alot of people have had this problem.
Mine is intermittent as I have diagnostic software that can clear the codes and its lasts a couple of days and then comes back on.
I replaced the afm and it worked for 2 weeks but as soon as it runs low on fuel the lights back on and it splutters a bit. (When I say low on fuel, I mean I park on a big hill so when I start the car with just under a quarter if a tank it fuel light comes on and then the check engine light follows throwing the above code)

Any ideas?
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