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Hi there,

In the morning, I start the car and most mornings it is fine, but some mornings it isn't.

This morning, started it and after about 10 seconds, it felt like I was sitting on a washing machine it was vibrating that much. Started driving it and it was stuttering through the revs, hardly accelerating, and sounding terrible. I then pulled the car up and there was a smell coming from the car, hard to describe. Called out the breakdown service because the car was hardly moving. But, as usual, when the mechanic got to me, the problem had subsided. So far, I have taken the car to three garages and each time they couldn't find the problem even though it had been happening minutes before. The Peugeot garage couldn't find anything and they had the car for two days. I was told this morning that it might be a fuel pump problem, but the Peugeot garage said they had checked that and there was no problem.

This is beginning to get frustrating now as whenever it happens, I take it somewhere and by the time they come to check it, it has stopped and therefore they can't see anything wrong with the car.

It only seems to do it first thing in the morning and once the engine has warmed up to a good temperature, it stops.

Can anyone help??
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