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Hey Guys!

I Like the Peugeot 308 , I really like the Volkswagen EOS.

Good Stuff In The 308 Which The EOS Does Not Have:
Seatbelt Reminder

Good Stuff In the EOS Which The 308 Does Not Have
Convertible Top With Openable Glass Roof
Touch Screen Radio Like In All Volkswagons

Which one should I get?

A. Peugeot 308
B. Volkswagon EOS
Pictures coming soon!
Thank You

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Apart from SAAB's , Beemers & American cars all other convertible cars are Gay !!

I dont suppose I shall be keeping my 308 much longer probably go back to Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep or maybe Skoda or Subaru !! & non of them will be a diesel .....
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