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Hi All,

This is the first time I have owned a Peugeot. It is a 307, 2001, petrol, 1.4l. Two enquiries:-

1. It was jump started as it had been standing for a month. Although it drives alright it seems to make a beep intermittently.

2. The on board computer does not seem to display anything. The screen is blank.

3, I went to the local Robin and Day's. They were asking £63 pounds just to have the car looked over:confused:

Advice neede.


I definately wouldnt reccomend jump starting as it can cause all sorts of issues, if you need to get a car running again its a lot more advisable to get hold of a spare working battery (not very practical i know!)

But you could have damaged the BSI in which case it'll cost a lot to fix, the beeps are probably accompanied by a message on the centre screen, but as you say yours isnt working!

Try Resetting the BSI correctly and see if it returns to normal...

Put the driver's window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all equipment is switched off.

Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition.

Wait for 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery and wait 15 seconds.

Reconnect the vehicle battery, wait a further 10 seconds (do not open doors.).

Switch on the side lights through the driver's window.

Switch on the ignition and check system's functionality.

Hold lock button on key down for 10 seconds.

Remove key open & close door test central locking system.

Start the engine and complete the system's check.

Failure to follow this procedure could result in incorrect operation of many BSI related items.

Has fixed many glitches for me :thumb:

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display working, but other queries

Dear Stubbo,

Thank you for the reply. I have yet to try it.However two new developments. The display does seem to work althoug it is very dim.
What could be reason for that?
Second, the beeping noise is the warning on the display saying Airbag Fault. Couls this have been triggered by the jump start?
Thirdly, the engines stops if I decelerate down to a very slow speed and that triggers the display saying "Airbag Fault". Any opinions?
Once again, thanks in advance.
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