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Beeping from Radio

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Have a 51 plate 406 hdi, only owned it 5 weeks and
it runs like a dream. however today the radio locked up and emitted a loud beeping through the speakers. this lasted about 10 mins with the ignition off and then seemed to reset itself, its ok now but any ideas what may have caused it?.
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Security code, they tend to play up but typing in the code will always fix the problems
Thanks for reply, all the way from down under as well!.
I suspected it may be the radio security, but this radio is coded to the car at manufacture, there isn't an option to enter codes manually (even if I had one).
Its been ok today hopefully just a glitch,

I just bought a Peugeot. Radio was disconnected so i plugged it in and when turn on nothing happens. All light up but when press any button on it there is only beep. Any ideas? Can that be locked because it has not been connected for a while? How I can put code if is locked - it is not asking for code on any display?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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