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hi there has anyone has any problems with changing their battery on a peugeot 307? i tried to change mine and now the car will not start and the car will not lock with the fob aswell!! any help will be greatly appreciated thanx in advance

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I have not had a problem as serious as this, but I have heard of it.
I did disconnect my battery, and then found that the car would not start. After a little time I went iside (fortunately I was at home) and got the spare key. It then started. Having started it the original key worked fine.
Did the same thing a secont time when working on the car, same happened, except that I got the spare key immediately, and it didn't work either. Went inside to sulk.
Came out about 5 mins later, and lo, it all worked again, on both keys.

For future reference, and this could be put in a sticky, follow this sequence. It is all to do with upsetting the BSI.

Before touching battery, unlock vehicle, and lower driver window. Then wait a few minutes to allow the BSI to go to sleep.
Then do whatever you wanted to do with the battery.
Having reconnected the (new) battery, wait 5 minutes.
Then lean in open driver window and switch on lights. This should wake up the BSI. Then everything should work fine.
If you do things in too much of a hurry, you can have problems.

Must be badly written software.

In your case, follow the steps above again from the start. A second go might bring it all back.
Good luck.
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