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Hi Guys,

The Mrs just bought a Peugeot 307 (year 2000, automatic/tiptronic). Anyways we got a great deal on it as we knew the axle seal was gone. So I took it to our local shop who replaced it, but he said he thought the wheel bearing was gone as it was making noise. He then came back and said no its not the bearing, its the transmission diff.

He said it appeared someone had done a dodgy repair job on it, and overfilled the fluid, so he filled it to the correct level and did a test drive (he said that's likely the reason the axle seal had popped off), he said gears were changing fine but he gave me a piece of advice, he said don't spend another cent on it and sell it asap as it could give out any time and would be more than the car is worth to replace it.

Anyways, just wondering what advice you guys could offer. My first thought is to take it to a peugeot transmission specialist and get their opinion as it seems like a fairly common issue and hope there is something they can do.

The noise is hard to explain, because in my opinion there are two noises and im not sure which is the bad one. One is a constant low frequency thudding sound. My car has low profile tyres and the noise they make is very similar to this sound except this sound is up and down constantly in a thudding type.

the other sound is a higher pitch rattling sound, like metal on metal, and it seems to come up only in lower gears but not always there either. I will assume this is the transmission diff sound the mechanic is referring too.

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