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Hello everyone

I recently read a few threads on here about other people's issues with misfire and it seems that in most cases, it happens when the engines cold.

Mine is the complete opposite. Mine drives fine straight from the start, however after 20-30 mins driving it starts playing up.

Example: After 20 minutes or so driving, I come to a red light and and when stopping i feel the car judder slightly. When I go to move off again i press the accelerator and nothing happens for a couple seconds, all of a sudden i feel a big pop/bang and the revs go racing up and the car moves on again. It can be quite scary! especially as i have kids in the back. This seems to happen nearly every time I get to a red light, or stop in traffic. Also when this happens a few times I start to smell the fumes!

But this only happens 20 or so minutes into driving which is making me feel nervous about doing long journeys.

It had a full service just last month, Spark plugs and filters changed. Oils changed. I even bought a new coil pack. There's no engine light on the dashboard.

What could the problem be?

Any feedback is welcome
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