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I have a 2002 1.1 litre 206 with A/C.
I need to change the Aux belt, which looks straight forward, but I need to move a strut that is connected from the engine to the engine mount as the belt passes between the two. It looks like I need to remove the bottom nut and slacken the top bolt to allow it to swing out of the way, but for some reason at the top end it is fixed to another strut at about 90 degrees. To remove this also requires the alternator to come off and move the steering pump to allow me to withdraw the bolt that holds it in.
I can't believe that it is this involved to change the belt ?
I saw a you tube vid where the guy appears to simply swing the strut out of the way but this is not possible on mine ?
Anyone who has changed this belt on this engine with A/c must have come across the same problem
Thanks for your help
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