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i have 307 05 1.6 benzin before couple of days i have problem when i drive it hardly so the rpm was going high and tiptroinc is disconnect the first gear still to 40km and second to 70 etc and i when i stop the gear dtill on 4th but when i stop the gear still on forth so i puch on benzin high untill change to first so i go to scan it on planet and the report give 5 automatic transmission faults and 3 engine faults and by the i have overheating on city arrive to 105C and poor MPG

automatic transmission faults are
1- remote intermittent fault.engine speed signal
2-intermittent fault multifunction switch signal fault.inconsistant postion
3-remote intemittent fault.CAN engine torque information .no signal
4- remote intermittent fault.vehicle speed transmitted by the ABS (CAN).NO SIGNAL
5-REMOTE INTERMITTENT FAULT. right front wheel speed signal

and the ecu engine faults are
1- permanent fault. stop lamp information
2- intermittent fault.inlet air thermistor short-circuit to postive or circuit open
3- intermittent fault .coolant thermistor short-circuit to positve or circuit open

plz help ..what i have to change to fix it
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