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Hey all, a new fresh pug owner is looking for some heads up, after owning my pug for a few months only she is a beaut - 206 xsi in moonstone pearlescent blue since owning her ive added a set of 17" BK 299s and a Ram Air Induction Kit and must admit certainly improves her graceful looks.

However in the last week 2 faults have begun to repeatedly appear, firstly going to start her after a few hours sitting she often seems to have lost battery power as the doors lock when i turn her on she makes a few beeps and the clock is all flashing at zero, ie the hour mins and date but at the moment it is every now and then.

But more concerningly is since last week i continuously get a AUTO LIGHTING FAULT come up on the central display yet all my lights seem to work fine and I can not find anything on the net about this, I dont really wanna take her to any of my local garages to hook her up to a computer for diagnostics coz most of em round here are bandits and make the fault sound worse and cost you more than it should. £70 a hour in my mind is a joke.

Can any of you fellow pug lovers give me any heads up??????

Thanks All
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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