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Apart from the very occasional "automatic gear fault" warning, things have been OK since I bought this 1.6 sw in February this year.

In recent weeks however the engine sounds louder and rougher when driving (I can feel it under my accelerator foot) and there is a distinct lack of power which I think may be causing the delayed change from 3rd to 4th (often well over 30 mph). Sometimes I flick over to manual just to make sure it has gone into 4th as it feels as though it's still in 3rd. I can see the rev' counter dip when it goes into 4th but other than that the gear change is hardly noticeable now.

The rough sound and low power is also there in manual mode where it drops into 3rd when it wouldn't normally.

I don't think this is a problem with the gears per se, but something causing the gears to behave oddly but not entirely sure. When idling it sounds normal but gets worse as it moves and goes through the gears.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas or experience that may shed some light.

Many thanks
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