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allanmartin said:
Dear All

Firstly, thanks to anyone who can help me out with this one.
I have bought an old Peugeot 307SW (2003 model). I would like to be able to play my iPod/MP3 player through the stereo and have found this (see attached photo) device in the glove box.... not the box of chewing gum, the connecter block with the red/yellow/white sockets. Can anyone tell me what this is for? Do I need specilist equipment to use it, if it is a link to the stereo. I did try it using a standard phono cable, but no luck.

Thanks in advance,

No idea what that is :confused:

I went and purchased a parrot mki9200 system they are around the £130 ish mark on ebay.

fit it yourself......very easy.
you can play ipod, use a USB stick and also an SD card.
and all comes through the speakers, the screen also displays song tracks etc.
it also does any/most bluetooth phones and it all comes through the car speakers.
wife loves it :eek: and the parrot system.
then you could use the chewing gum while you fit it.

regards that connection...trace the wires back !
it looks like an audio/video connection ie: left and right chanels and than the video.

hope this helps
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