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Now then!

Once you've followed this, check out these guides:

Heater Unit


Spent tonight taking all the bits & pieces apart so I know the process when it comes to soldering. Unfortunately, Vauxhall have decided not to do any twistys AT ALL, and have put ridiculous amounts of LEDs in their systems...

I have ordered over 100 LEDs to put into the new motor, so I'll have barrels of fun with that!

I'm not taking responsibility, I didn't force you to dismantle your car, just showing you how I did..

Anyway, this is a guide to removing the main units:

First, you'll need a torx set (cos I don't remember what size the torx bit was) and a screwdriver. A torch would come in handy like.

So, first thing, get in the car, and look at the centre of the dash, like so:

The ashtray comes out first, just prize it out:

Although it isn't immediately necessary, I took out the two torx screws visible upon removal of the ashtray:

I then just pulled the heater panel out

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Unclip the heater panel (2 No. Locations):

Now, I had 4 No. skewers to jab into the radio unit. Push them in, not too hard, no need to force anything, you're just stabbing your car otherwise. Then the radio unit just slides out:

Unplug aerial and power plug, easy clip mechanism:

Your dash will look like this:


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Unscrew the two torx screws indicated by one of my Jazz hands:

Pull out the main trim that holds everything. I'll mention here how nice this process is compared to the 307, where it has to fit into the vent ducting..

Your dash will now look like this:

Unscrew these two torx screws:


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Pull out the MFD and unclip it:

Your dash will look like this, and you'll feel a little bit sorry for your car, and you might be wondering whether the computer will go mental on you, all this CAN-BUS crap etc.

Then lay down the heater unit, the CD30 unit, and the MFD, like so.

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