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Hi every one
I have a car with the following
peugeot 307 SW 1.6
2004 Automatic gear

The engine was washed using water and Gasoline one week ago
The problems happened afterwards
1- the engine did not started, after waiting a wile about 15 minutes it started with strong shaking
2- after that when trying to change gear the R sign was only shown on the screen even the mode was change to P, N and D but still no change on the screen
3- the car moved forward and backward easily in the beginning but after some time the backward mode failed to go for more than two days
4- the forward mode was too heavy with maximum speed of 60 km/hr with loud engine sound
5-after waiting two days with out doing any thing for the car, the car now is moving forward and backward as normal BUT the R sign always on screen except when the gear is on the Park mode the P sign is shown.

I do not know what is the problem? Is it electrical problem or the car computer is hanging????!!!

Please how knows help me on that.
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